If we want to "fix" the future, we have to "fix"’ ourselves. We have to become good people – truly, deeply, and consistently. We have to bring not only our mind and body to work, but also our heart and soul. We have to stop obsessing about the next smart and better solutions and instead awakening to the "soulution". We have to let our visions be guided by our higher quests, standing up for whom we are here to be – and for dignity, our planet, and our collective future. Time has come for us to be the change we envision for the future!

Hi, I’m Missona

I’m a futurist, speaker, author, and advisor.

My passion and profession is to look into the future, identify trends and patterns, and envision how we can make the world a better and more loving place.

My faith, interest, and research objective is The Individual; how we can change the world through changing ourselves. For about seven years, I’ve been on an explorative journey into what I call "the future of the human spirit". I’ve been observing, analyzing and philosophizing about consumer movements, identify shifts on the job market, displacement of authorities, technological quantum leaps, global challenges, and all the many places the modern (wo)man go searching for meaning and happiness.

My personal journey has also been quite an exploration, though my inner mud, clutter, and tales – and it still is. I see (my) life as an ongoing journey of becoming more true, authentic, and alive. Recently, it even lead me to change my name. Until October 2019, I was Mette Sillesen, but now I’m Missona Aston, and I am here to serve you, empower you, and inspire you.


Happy Soul

Happy Soul is your personal journal for discovering and living your life purpose. Through an actionable method and various of simple hacks it helps you to grow into the person you want to be and stay on your path on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. Get it here >>
This talk, which was filmed at a TEDx event, contains assertions about the human spirit and technology. There is a search for meaning. There is a dream of meeting the magic and the divine. Take an intense look at the other side of humanity – a magical dance between the spirit and technology – where everything connects… 

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